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Essential Guide to Thailand’s One-Year Medical Visa: What You Must Understand
Thailand Medical Visa: Your Ultimate Guide to the One-Year Stay

Thailand's one-year medical visa, introduced on Jan 1st, 2023, is poised to make Thailand become a medical hub in Southeast Asia. This One Year Medical Visa will enables medical patients and their caregivers from around the world to seek treatment in Thailand. This visa is particularly helpful for those who require long-term medical treatments as it allows them to stay up to one year and eliminates the need for multiple visa applications, promoting a convenient healthcare experience.

This initiative marks a significant step for Thailand's medical industry, meeting the rising demand for treatment abroad while ensuring safe, top-notch healthcare facilities. Accessing medical treatment in Thailand has never been easier with this new medical visa.

Thailand Medical Visa Benefits

Obtaining a medical visa offers several benefits for those seeking medical treatment in Thailand. The visa is valid for one year and allows for multiple entries, making it convenient for those who need ongoing or repeated treatment for complex medical conditions such as cancer, surgeries, or transplantation. It can also be extended beyond one year with the necessary medical documents. In addition, the visa allows up to three immediate family members to accompany the patient during treatment, providing support and comfort.

The cost of the medical visa application has also been reduced to 5,000 baht from 6000 baht. All of these features make a multiple-entry medical visa a valuable resource for patients requiring intensive or repeated medical care.

Who is able to apply for the Medical Tourist Visa in Thailand?

To be eligible for a visa to receive medical treatment in Thailand, the applicant must have a medical condition that can be treated in Thai hospitals and need at least 90 days of continuous treatment, such as anti-aging and regenerative medicine, coronary artery disease, cancer, dental care, or cosmetic surgery. They must also have a confirmed appointment with a medical institution in Thailand, have a concrete medical treatment plan and cost estimates from the hospital, and have evidence of sufficient funds (at least 800,000 baht) to cover all treatment and additional expenses.

The applicant must also have accident and Covid-19 insurance with a minimum coverage of US $100,000 (3 million baht). However, the maximum stay with a one-year medical visa is 90 days, and patients who need further treatment must report to immigration authorities every 90 days.

It is possible to seek an extension beyond one year with additional medical certificates. The cost of a one-year medical visa is 5,000 baht. At present many countries are coming on Tourist visas or non-immigrant visas for medical treatment. The exemption includes visitors from six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. However, all are single entries only.

Thailand has made it easier than ever before for those looking for medical treatment to access quality healthcare, as well as experience the country's offerings. The one-year medical visa provides access to quality healthcare, multiple entries into the country, and the ability to bring your spouse and children with you.

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