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New Year 2024 Health Checkup in Thailand: A Perfect Start to Your Vacation

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MedEx is a one-stop destination when it comes to medical tourism and digital specialized health care services. MedEx serves as a connector between patients and trusted world-class health service providers.

New Year 2024 Health Checkup in Thailand: A Perfect Start to Your Vacation

New Year 2024 Health Checkup in Thailand A Perfect Start to Your Vacation

Thailand stands out as one of the world’s most renowned tourist destinations. According to the World Tourism Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations, a staggering 39.2 million people explored the country in 2019, prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In a study conducted by Mastercard, which focused on the total international overnight visitor arrivals and cross-border spending, Bangkok emerged as the most visited city in the world, welcoming around 22 million international visitors in 2022. On average, these visitors enjoyed a 4 -7 night stay with a daily spending rate of USD $173. Iconic destinations like Paris and London are also all behind Bangkok, but Thailand’s appeal remains unparalleled. Its exquisite beaches, diverse landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality, in addition to its thriving medical, wellness, and spa services, all combined with an affordable cost of living compared to American and European countries, continue to make it a favored choice for travelers worldwide. 

Every New Year, travelers flock to Thailand for celebrations and vaccinations, exploring vibrant cities and iconic islands. A crucial item on your checklist for a 2024 visit is a health checkup with MedEx. Thailand’s exceptional healthcare system, recognized by the WHO, is a prime destination for medical travelers. In Thailand, MedEx is leading a healthcare revolution, offering easy access to health checkups and lab tests, reshaping the healthcare landscape at an affordable price.

The Significance of Health Checkup on New Year in Thailand

The significance of a health checkup on the New Year lies in its proactive approach to ensuring your well-being and addressing potential health issues before they become serious problems. Beginning the year with a health checkup sets the tone for prioritizing your health and well-being, providing peace of mind as you embrace the year ahead. It allows you to enjoy your new year with confidence, knowing that you have taken steps to monitor and maintain your health. Additionally, health checkups can detect underlying health concerns and help you access timely medical care if needed, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more fulfilling year.

Tailored New Year Health Checkup Packages for Travellers

MedEx is acutely aware of the unique and dynamic requirements of travelers. Our commitment to providing health check-up packages designed for travelers stems from a deep understanding of the inherent challenges and health considerations associated with journeying to different parts of the world. We recognize that travelers may be exposed to new environments, different climates, varying levels of health infrastructure, and the potential health risks associated with different destinations. This understanding drives us to offer meticulously tailored, comprehensive health packages that encompass a wide array of medical assessments, ensuring that travelers can embark on their journeys with confidence, knowing that their health needs are well-addressed. Whether you seek an annual health checkup, anonymous sexual health screening, DNA testing, or any of the 3000+ available biomarker tests, we have you covered.

Convenient Access Across Thailand

MedEx, the number one healthcare navigation and booking platform for ex-pats and travelers in Thailand, provides convenient access to healthcare services across Thailand. Our strategic collaboration with more than 25 JCI-accredited Asia’s top  “American Gold Standard” hospitals and some of the ISO-certified largest lab networks in Thailand underscores our dedication to ensuring that travelers in Thailand have access to nothing less than the very best in medical facilities. Our laboratories are strategically positioned across over 30 provinces within Thailand, thoughtfully situated in key urban centers and highly frequented tourist destinations. This extensive network ensures that travelers experience unparalleled convenience and accessibility when seeking healthcare services tailored to their unique needs.

MedEx, the top healthcare platform for expatriates and travelers in Thailand, offers convenient access to healthcare services. Our partnership with 25+ JCI-accredited “Asia’s top-tier hospitals” and the largest ISO-certified lab network in Thailand ensures access to the best medical facilities. Our labs are strategically located across 30+ provinces, offering convenience and accessibility for travelers.

MedEx places a premium on flexibility and choice, allowing travelers to decide where they prefer to have their medical tests conducted. Travelers can have their tests conducted in the comfort of their chosen location, whether it be their residence or hotel. Alternatively, they can effortlessly order an appointment online at the nearest local lab. Recognizing the importance of time for travelers, MedEx offers a VIP Express result delivery service within 6-8 hours for tests that typically take 2-3 days for the result delivery. We understand that travelers have busy schedules, which is why we offer this service to ensure that they get their results on time.

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Common thyroid disorders include hypothyroidism, where the thyroid produces insufficient hormones, leading to symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, and cold intolerance. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism is characterized by an overactive thyroid, causing symptoms such as weight loss, increased heart rate, and anxiety.

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Diagnosis typically involves blood tests measuring levels of thyroid hormones (TSH, T3, T4). Additionally, imaging techniques like ultrasound or thyroid scans may be employed to visualize the thyroid and identify any structural abnormalities.

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Treatment options depend on the specific disorder. Hypothyroidism is often managed with synthetic thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Hyperthyroidism may be treated with anti-thyroid medications to regulate hormone production, and in some cases, surgical interventions like thyroidectomy may be recommended. However, proper nutrition, such as iodine and selenium, along with Stress management, regular exercise, and avoiding excessive intake of certain substances (such as soy and excessive iodine) also contribute to overall thyroid well-being.

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Yes, some individuals find benefit from complementary approaches such as acupuncture, yoga, and specific herbal supplements. However, consulting with healthcare professionals before incorporating these into a treatment plan is crucial.

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Thyroid disorders can impact fertility and may require careful management during pregnancy. Proper thyroid function is essential for the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system. Postpartum thyroiditis, a temporary inflammation of the thyroid after childbirth, is also a consideration.

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MedEx collaborates with over 20 JCI-accredited hospitals, offering teleconsultation services with specialists from these reputable institutions. The cost of teleconsultation services starts at 1500 THB and may vary based on the specific specialization of the consulting doctor. Click here to book the online teleconsultation. 

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MedEx delivers results online via email.  However, we can also send results through other channels such as WhatsApp, Line, or Facebook if you are the authorised recipient and can provide valid identification.

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MedEx has strategically positioned laboratories across more than 30 provinces in Thailand, including key major cities and popular tourist destinations, ensuring accessibility for travelers throughout the country. MedEx is located in the following locations:

North Thailand
Northeast Thailand
Centeral Thailand
West Thailand
East Thailand
South Thailand

Chiang Mai

Ubon Ratchathani





Mai Sai

Nakhon Rachasima



Nakhon Si Thammarat

Mae Sot

Udon Thani





Nakhon Sawan




Koh Samui





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Yes, MedEx provides consultations with travel medicine specialists who can offer guidance on necessary vaccinations and personalized health advice based on your travel plans and health history.

Vaccine Brand
Cholera Oral Vaccine
Boostrix - Polio
Infanrix Hexa
Infanrix IPV HIB
Flu Adult
Fluarix Tetra
Hepatitis A
Mevac A
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis A & B
Gardasil 4
Gardasil 9
Japanese Encephalitis
Meningococcal A & C & W & Y
Pneumococcal 23
Pneumovax 23
Pneumococcal 13
Prevnar 13
Tetanus (PFS TdaP)
Tetanus Toxoid
Yellow Fever
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You can easily reschedule or cancel the appointment by simply replying to your appointment email or contacting us through various communication channels. We are always available around the clock.

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Yes, test results are available in English, making it accessible for travellers who may not be fluent in Thai. For specific inquiries or further information, please contact MedEx’s customer support team for personalized assistance.

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