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Looking to travel to China and confused by the PCR test procedure? No worries! Contact MedEx for hassle-free two COVID-19 tests from two different labs!

Many countries may have scrapped COVID requirements to enter the country and reopened to foreign tourists. However, China is still pursuing a “Zero COVID” policy and maintains strict entry rules for travelers. It requires not one but two RT-PCR tests performed at two different registered medical institutions before boarding. The sampling intervals for the two tests should be at least 24 hours, and the first and second tests should be done within 48 and 24 hours of the flight's scheduled departure time.

Many countries may no longer need COVID requirements or reopened the border for foreign tourists to visit the country, but China is still following its ‘zero COVID' approach and maintains stringent entry requirements for its nationals and visitors. It requires not one but two RT-PCR tests at two different licensed medical institutions before boarding. The sampling intervals for the two tests should be at least 24 hours apart, with the first and second tests being done within 48 and 24 hours of the flight's pre-departure time.

Previously, people traveling to China had to do an RT-PCR Test seven days before flying and there was the requirement of the Antibody Test and other screening facilities even after they arrive in China.

COVID-19 Test Procedure for Patients with a history of COVID-19 infection
People who have had COVID-19 infection in the past must undergo two nucleic acids (PCR) tests with an interval of 24 hours in the span of three days. If you're negative for the aforementioned tests, you may continue to perform 14-day health monitoring. If there is no abnormalities for 14 days, you can start pre-departure tests 15 days after the second test initially performed at 3 days.

People who have had COVID-19 should clearly declare the history of COVID-19 infection and submit the memos of 2 tests performed in the first 3 days and provide the necessary paperwork when they apply for a health code.

Requirements on suspected symptoms, close contact with Positive Patients
Similarly, people who have had close contact with COVID-19-positive patients should monitor their health for 5 days. If they don't show any symptoms, they can take the standard China-bound rt-PCR test accordingly and can apply for a health code and board as usual.

Book Two RT-PCR Tests with Medex from Two Different Labs for China
To avoid spending endless hours verifying clinics and confirming their results turnaround time, MedEx offers a hassle-free PCR Test Package for China at the affordable cost of THB 7000. The package includes two different tests from two different labs along with the necessary documents required to travel to China. With over 50 locations in 7 different cities, MedEx can give you your first PCR Test results within 24 hours and the second PCR test results in 3 hours. MedEx also offers VIP Package for China at 9000 THB where travelers will receive the result of both PCR tests within 3 Hrs. Book your RT-PCR tests with MedEx right now at https://medex.co.th/covidtest and be on your way to China without any hassle and stress!

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