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Samitivej Hospital

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  • Samitivej Hospital, established in 1979, aims to provide top-quality medical care by bringing together the best doctors and advanced technology.
  • The hospital's holistic approach focuses on patients' physical and emotional well-being.
  • Named “Samitivej” meaning “assembly of doctors,” it inspires its dedicated staff.
  • With seven hospitals and over 2,000 healthcare professionals, Samitivej Hospital offers comprehensive medical services, including major procedures like organ transplants.
Frequently Asked Questions

You can stay informed about general announcements and hospital news by visiting our website's “News & Announcements” section. We regularly post updates on new services, facility improvements, and other important information.

We accept a wide range of insurance plans, including [List of major insurance providers]. However, coverage may vary, so we recommend contacting your insurance provider or our billing department to verify your specific coverage and benefits.

We offer various payment options to accommodate different needs. You can make payments using cash, major credit cards, or through electronic fund transfers. Additionally, we provide assistance with insurance claims and offer payment plans for eligible patients. Please contact our billing department for further information.

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  • Infertility Treatment Plan and Package3,000 THB
  • Annual Health Check up Packages3,900 THB
  • Annual Health Check-up Packages For Men & Women3,900 THB
  • Annual Health Check-up Packages for Women6,500 – 29,500 THB
  • Annual Health Check-up Packages for Men6,500 – 23,400 THB
  • COVID-19 Screening Program – Samitivej Srinakarin3,000 THB
  • COVID-19 Screening Program with Medical Certificate- Samitivej Srinakarin4,000 THB
  • Influenza Vaccine for children age 10-15 or adult ( first recipient)(each additional adult recipient)900 THB
  • Pneumococcal Vaccine (Prevnar 13) – 1 dose3,699 THB
  • Pneumococcal Vaccine (Prevnar 13) – 2 doses7,100 THB
  • Pneumococcal Vaccine (Pneumovax 23)3,000 THB
  • Tdap Vaccine (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) and Influenza Vaccine2,400 THB
  • Package of Two Hepatitis A Vaccines5,200
  • Package of Three Hepatitis B Vaccines3,000 THB
  • Shingles Vaccine [for adult] *6,000
  • Happy Aging Checkup Program for 60 years and over**1,000 THB
  • Smart Aging Checkup Program for 60 years and over | Female*22,900 THB
  • Smart Aging Checkup Program for 60 years and over | Male*19,900 THB
  • Coronary CT Angiography (CTA) to Assess the Coronary Arteries (640-slice CT scan)17,900 THB
  • Heart Health Screening Program with Exercise Stress Test (EST)10,000 THB
  • Heart Health Screening Program with Echocardiogram (Echo)11,000 THB
  • Heart Health Screening Program with Stress Echocardiography (Stress Echo)12,000 THB
  • Life Fit Plus: In-depth Health Check-up for those who wish to lose weight @Home15,800 THB
  • Life Fit Plus Magic Pen (3 pens): 3 weight loss pens18,000 THB
  • Life Fit Plus Magic Pen (10 pens): 10 weight loss pens58,000 THB
  • Life Fit Plus Magic Pen (6 pens): 6 weight loss pens35,400 THB
  • Long COVID Symptom Monitoring Program (Basic) **5,200 THB
  • Long COVID Plus: Symptom Monitoring Program (In-depth)**9,300 THB
  • Long COVID Extra Plus: Symptom Monitoring Program (Premium)**22,800 THB
  • Hepatitis A Virus Immunity Test*700 THB
  • Hepatitis B Virus Immunity Test *1,060 THB
  • Package of Hepatitis A Vaccines (2 shots) *5,200 THB
  • Package of Hepatitis B Vaccines (3 shots) **3,000 THB
  • FibroScan® Test for Liver Cancer Risk, Fatty Liver and Cirrhosis **3,800 THB
  • Comprehensive Liver Screening Program ***9,500 THB



Samitivej Plus is an easy-to-use smartphone application that connects Samitivej services together. Samitivej Plus enables patients for the first time to check their hospital queue number on their mobile device and receive information online in real time. The application guides patients through every step, from the very first moment they arrive at the hospital through treatment, medicine pickup, and more. What’s more, Samitivej Plus allows patients to request an appointment, view their medical history, make easy online payments and call Samitivej ambulance services directly in case of emergency.


A treatment plan is usually available within 3-5 working days after your inquiry submission. Such plan can be prepared only after you send your medical reports and information regarding your symptoms and medical condition.

DISCLAIMER : The information on this page has been collected from the provider owned portals, and as such MedEx cannot be held responsible for the content herewithin. This page was last updated on 2022-07-18 10:50:00.

Our Patient Says

Owing to my heart pacemaker implant case, if I got a chance to refer anyone, without blinking my eyes I would refer to Vejthani Hospital. I am very grateful.

Bhagwan Ratna Tuladhar Kathmandu, Nepal
MedEx Patient Testimonial e1579920328980

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