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Are you looking for medical treatment in Thailand? Here’s why choosing MedEx for medical travel is the best choice for you.

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Thailand is the Perfect Medical Destination for Medical Care

Thailand is an excellent medical tourism destination because it provides a wide range of medical treatments, including both public and private hospitals. In addition, Thailand is home to excellent, internationally-accredited private healthcare facilities, such as Vejthani Hospital, Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok Hospital, Piyavate Hospital, Samitivej Hospital, Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital, Hospital, and so on. World-class hospitals like those found in Thailand have some of the best equipment available and are accredited by well-known organizations. These include the Thai Healthcare Accreditation Institute, Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA), and Joint Commission International (JCI). By meeting the international healthcare quality standards for patient care and organization management, these accreditations provide peace of mind to patients that they will receive great care.

Medical care in Thailand is much cheaper than in western countries

A key reason people choose medical tourism in Thailand is that medical procedures are significantly less expensive than care in western nations. By undergoing medical tourism, not only do patients save on the initial cost of treatments and care, but also travel-related costs. Thailand's medical procedures and treatments are about 40-70 percent less costly than those in Australia and the United States. The average price for hip replacement surgery in Thailand is about $8,800 compared to $15,000-$130,000, depending on the surgeon's experience and location within the United States. Similarly, knee replacement surgery averages around $14,500 compared to more than $35,000 in North America. Although the prices are low by Western standards, patients receive high-quality care from surgeons who trained at some of the world's best schools and hospitals. Moreover, they are capable of performing complex procedures including some that may be prohibited in their home countries due to excessive risk.

Choosing MedEx for medical travel is the best choice for patients as MedEx is the best go-to platform for your health care needs

MedEx, a healthcare platform and medical travel company based in Bangkok has been operational for years. With its regional office located in Nepal and Singapore, MedEx has an extensive network of partners across Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar to help medical patients. MedEx has already served many patients from these countries and most of the medical patients come for cardiac procedures, such as heart bypass, angioplasty, and heart valve replacement; orthopedic procedures, such as hip and knee replacement, as well as spine surgeries; bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass and gastric banding (lab-band); infertility treatment, such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, and PGD; and cosmetic/plastic surgery. MedEx will assist you in getting hassle-free medical treatment from world-class hospitals in Thailand, effectively removing the domestic and international travel barrier and taking care of all the administrative paperwork from pre-screening to post-care. With our simple, transparent, and affordable healthcare, you can make an informed decision on your health without any worries.

Partnership with multiple JCI-accredited hospitals in Thailand

MedEx works with the best hospitals and has partnerships with multiple JCI-accredited hospitals in Thailand. Vejthani Hospital, Samitivej Hospital, Piyavate Hospital, MedPark Hospital, Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Bangkok 9 International Hospital, Prama 9 Hospital, Synphaet Srinakarin Hospitals, Kluyamthai Hospitals, are some of the JCI accredited hospital partners of MedEx. JCI accreditation is “the gold standard” for hospital certification meaning the accredited hospitals meet its rigorous quality standards. It formally acknowledged that physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and the management team at the hospital meet or surpass the requirements of US standards. MedEx is exclusively working one-on-one with JCI-accredited hospitals and it embraces its culture of excellence and commitment to health, safety, and quality of patient life.

Our staff will provide support and guidance every step of the way

When you choose MedEx, MedEx will always be there to assist and lead you every step of the way from answering any questions you might have before your journey to ensuring that your additional demands are met during your stay. For instance, our staff Ms. Moe Thien who is a doctor by herself is working as a marketing executive and looking after Myanmar Market. She is always happy to answer any questions about MedEx, the medical travel process in Thailand, or coordinating with the hospital regarding patient inquiries and medical treatment plans. In addition, At MedEx, we have customer care agents available 24/7 to help you with any issues that may arise during your medical travel experience. Also, all of our support staff- from the agents to our medical teams- are fluent in several languages including English, Thai, Burmese, Hindi Bengali, Nepalese, and German, and can help with any translation needs along the way.

We have everything you need for a successful medical trip to Thailand

MedEx is dedicated to helping you have the best possible medical experience by doing all the work for you—including finding the right specialist, hospital, and appointments in the hospitals. In addition, we offer transfer services from the airport to the hospitals and hotel, as well as flight booking and Visa bookings. Our experienced team of medical and customer service will make sure you are taken and focus on getting better. Contact MedEx for medical treatment in Thailand and we will ensure you receive the best possible care that you need and deserve. Feel the difference with MedEx!


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