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Three Reasons Vejthani Hospital is One of the Best Hospitals in Bangkok

There are several excellent hospitals in Bangkok. In choosing one hospital over the others, you must carefully weigh the benefits against the drawbacks of each of the hospitals on your list. This will allow you to arrive at one of the best hospitals in Bangkok for your needs.

Every hospital has established its own culture in the way they deal with patients coming through their door every day. Some busy hospitals only look at patients in terms of their status; whether they’re outpatients or inpatients, and base their treatments and patient handling on this status. Other hospitals focus only on the treatments they provide. They serve as a resource that people can seek out when they need the specific treatments and care provided by the hospital.

The best hospitals in the city are international hospitals that treat their patients as individuals and take an active role in their healthcare. They deal compassionately with people from many countries and all walks of life. They’re focused on providing internationally certified staff members who are experts in the field of medicine they practice.

Vejthani Hospital is in the best class of hospitals. But Vejthani Hospital raises the bar significantly in offering services and an approach to medicine that other good hospitals in the city cannot match.

Here are three reasons why Vejthani Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Bangkok.

Internationally Certified

The Joint Commission International (JCI) standards are criteria that define clinical quality performance, structure, expectations and functions in hospitals all over the world. The standards are divided into two main sections; patient-centered care and health care organization. Fulfilling the stringent JCI Accreditation standards is a feather in the cap of every hospital that seeks to provide the utmost in quality medical care.

JCI has awarded one of the highest number of Clinical Care Program Certifications (CCPCs) to Vejthani Hospital for several of their programs. These programs include Diabetes Type II, Hepatitis Type B, Knee Replacement, Lumbar Decompression and Fixation, Fertility, and Hip Replacement.

Vejthani Hospital was also the first hospital in the world to attain the CCPC for their Hepatitis B program and Fertility program. Their Lumbar Decompression and Fixation program was also the first in Southeast-Asia to receive CCPC accreditation.

Wide Range of Services

Vejthani serves over 300,000 patients from over 100 countries every year. With this much experience in serving the international community, they’ve created a wide range of services to treat medical ailments of all kinds and make their patient’s lives a little easier as well. They offer a comprehensive one-stop-air ambulance services, called V-Flight, that ensures the safety of critical care patients entering or leaving the country for treatment.

They also offer immigration services for patients needing to stay in Thailand for longer than their visa is valid. In fact, Vejthani Hospital was named as the “King of Bone” by Arabic travellers who regularly seek the high-quality medical care available to them in Thailand. At Vejthani Hospital, they can provide translators as patient advocates in over 20 languages to facilitate discussions between doctors and patients. Their extensive range of clinics and centers provide medical services that run the gamut of a Dentalis Center which provides dental care, to the most critical of oncology services in the Vejthani Hospital Cancer Center.

Holistic Approach to Health

The sheer number, variety and expertise of the services offered by Vejthani Hospital serve to underline their dedicated, holistic approach to healthcare and wellness. Vejthani has a residence apartment compound featuring different types of rooms from standard to premium deluxe rooms. Out-of-town visitors can conveniently book a room during their treatment at Vejthani Hospital.

Vejthani also offers free transportation between your hotel room in Bangkok and Vejthani Hospital to make life easier for their patients. For patients flying into Thailand for treatment at Vejthani Hospital, Vejthani maintains a booth 7 days a week. The Booth is located at Gate 3 in Suvarnabhumi Airport to welcome and assist patients upon their arrival in Thailand. When foreign patients arrive at Vejthani Hospital for treatment they also have complete access to an international lounge to ensure their comfort while undergoing treatment.

Vejthani Hospital has added these services because they see their patients as humans in need of specific healthcare treatments, but they also take an interest in the patients well-being and how they live their lives. They have established an Executive Healthcare Center that provides health check-ups to their patients for a variety of medical issues throughout their lives. These check-ups are designed to be age-specific and target known problems to afflict certain age groups. In enrolling a patient in the Executive Healthcare program, they can suggest better alternatives to health-threatening habits and lifestyles of their patients.

See for yourself of the excellent and holistic approach to medical care that Vejthani Hospital offers. Book an appointment for a consultation at any of the clinics and centers that are a part of Vejthani Hospital. See what one of the best hospitals in Bangkok can offer you.


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