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Robotic Spinal Surgery at Vejthani Ensures 99.70% Surgical Accuracy

Spinal surgery at Vejthani Hospital is now better than ever! Vejthani Hospital relentlessly thrives on the modern state-of-the-art medical facilities to reinforce its position as ‘King of Bones’. It is in that spirit that we introduce Robotic Spinal Surgery – the latest addition to our full continuum of spinal care – for the very first time among the private hospitals in South East Asia. Available exclusively at Vejthani Spine Center, it is a boon of modern medical innovations for many with debilitating spinal deformities and impairments.

This breakthrough technology in spinal surgery is a USA-FDA approved robot-guided surgical technology based on Mazor Robotics Renaissance® Guidance System that uses a virtual 3D imaging software for pre-operative planning, 3D sync marker system for accurate fixation of surgical screws, and a very small robot to guide surgical tools and implants with an exceptionally high accuracy. This technology ensures 99.70% accuracy in the placement of surgical screws, lower postoperative complication rates, lesser post-operative pain, lower downtime and faster recovery.

By transforming freehand surgery to exceptionally precise robotic surgery, Robotic Spinal Surgery ensures consistent results and faster healing. Independent clinical research has shown that Mazor Robotics technology reduced the average length of hospital stay by 27% and complication rates by 48%. Its use can enhance execution and results of a wide range of spinal surgeries including minimally-invasive surgeries, repair of percutaneous degeneration, biopsies, scoliosis surgeries, spinal fusion surgeries and vertebroplasty. Our surgeons perform pre-operative evaluation using this technology to ascertain almost 100% risk-free outcomes. The highly accurate execution of surgical procedure using this technology decreases the length of operation by up to 30%.

The major benefits of Robotic Spinal Surgery include:

  • Assurance of the highest safety
  • Highest accuracy and precision
  • Lesser pain and post-operative complications
  • Reduction of chances of paralysis and fatality
  • Achievement of highest surgical success rates
  • Faster recovery and lower downtime
  • Reduction of harmful fluoroscopic exposure

Here is a peek at a few of salient features of Robotic Spinal Surgery we are most excited about:

  • Surgeons can plan spinal surgeries with 1.5mm precision with its virtual 3D imaging software that is used to create a pre-operative blueprint, thereby ensuring consistent outcomes.
  • It helps in accurate placement and rigid fixation of pedicle screws in complex spinal surgeries, thereby increasing the rate of correct placement of screws to 99.70%.
  • Its 3D sync marker helps the surgeons in duly matching the locations of spinal screws with the preoperative CT-scan images by taking two fluoroscopic images.
  • Finally, it helps in the guidance of surgical tools and implants at the planned surgical area with a precision of 1.5mm.

All in all, Robotic Spinal Surgery tackles the technical challenges of surgical procedures related to spinal repair and reconstruction in such a way that it caters to the individual anatomical needs by making the best pre-operative planning, the highest accuracy in the surgical procedure, and an exceptionally high suppression of pain and complication rates possible. If you are seeking the best treatment for debilitating spine conditions, please consider making an appointment with our surgeons.

Vejthani Hospital Spine Center offers a full continuum of spinal care including consultation and diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy. Vejthani Hospital Spine Center makes use of only the latest hi-tech medical facilities such as Robotic Spinal Surgery, O-Arm Imaging System and the like. All is to guarantee our patients to receive the finest treatment in spine surgery right here in Vejthani Hospital.

At Vejthani Hospital Spine Center, we place a strong emphasis on individualized care with treatment options designed to meet each patient’s specific needs and goals. We provide a team approach to rehabilitative care, neck and spine health and pain management to restore our patients to their most productive and best health.

You will be cared for by a team of experts providing the most advanced treatment options and comprehensive care available to prevent, treat and rehabilitate conditions that affect the spine.


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