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Vejthani Hospital

Vejthani Hospital

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  • Vejthani Hospital, established in 1994, is a top private hospital in Thailand with full JCI accreditation.
  • The hospital features highly skilled specialists, providing world-class healthcare services.
  • With over 300 specialists, Vejthani Hospital offers comprehensive medical services, including advanced treatments like bone marrow transplant and robotic spinal surgery.
Frequently Asked Questions

You can stay informed about general announcements and hospital news by visiting our website's “News & Announcements” section. We regularly post updates on new services, facility improvements, and other important information.

We accept a wide range of insurance plans, including [List of major insurance providers]. However, coverage may vary, so we recommend contacting your insurance provider or our billing department to verify your specific coverage and benefits.

We offer various payment options to accommodate different needs. You can make payments using cash, major credit cards, or through electronic fund transfers. Additionally, we provide assistance with insurance claims and offer payment plans for eligible patients. Please contact our billing department for further information.

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  • Whole Body Checkup Packages$190 – $820
  • Heart Checkup Packages$170-$440
Health Checkup Packages

Excellence Centers

Vejthani Hospital ‘s Excellence Centers are renowned for total joint replacement surgery, organ transplants, cancer treatment, neuro surgery, cardiac surgery, plastic surgery, urosurgery, dental, skin and laser treatment, hand and shoulder surgery, pediatric care, gastrointestinal disorder treatment, infertility treatment, abdominal surgery, colorectal surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology services.


BREAST CANCER SCREENING (3D Digital Mammography + Breast Ultrasound)


Strengthen Your Immunity with Vaccination


Is your child’s development normal?



A treatment plan is usually available within 3-5 working days after your inquiry submission. Such plan can be prepared only after you send your medical reports and information regarding your symptoms and medical condition.

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Our Patient Says

Owing to my heart pacemaker implant case, if I got a chance to refer anyone, without blinking my eyes I would refer to Vejthani Hospital. I am very grateful.

Bhagwan Ratna Tuladhar Kathmandu, Nepal
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