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MedPark Hospital was established from the cooperation of diverse healthcare professional fields and Mahaichai Hospital Public Company Limited. The hospital operates under medical professionals and executive teams with over 30 years of experience in the health care industry. MedPark Hospital is led by Pongpat Patanavanich M.D, who holds the position of Managing Director at Mahachai Hospital Public Company Limited. Mahaichai Hospital Public Company Limited also received Thailand Sustainability Investment Award for the years 2019, 2020, and 2021. Pongpat Patanavaich, M.D., was also a former President of the Thai Private Hospital Association (TPHA) and one of the ASEAN Private Hospital Association founders. The hospital collaborates with Professor Sinn Anuras, who holds Hospital Director and Chief Executive Officer positions and is also a former professor at the University of Iowa Medical School and Texas Tech University Medical School, USA. Professor Sin was also a former executive committee of international private hospitals and a pioneer that initiated Medical Tourism in Thailand. He also was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 from Hospital Management Asia.

Operating under TPP Healthcare International Co., Ltd. MedPark Hospital has the over-riding objective of drawing together the potential of Thai healthcare personnel to provide patient treatment at full capacity, following the principle of Integrated Care within multi-disciplinary teams.  MedPark works to the highest levels of safety and employs value-based care to look after patients in an ongoing manner consistent with individuals’ current life patterns.

In addition, MedPark Hospital supports education and research to advance medical staff knowledge in a continuous manner in order to enhance patient treatment and care, to foster critical patient care, to prepare for difficult and complex disease treatment and to work towards quaternary care and serve as a foremost medical facility in Southeast Asia.

MedPark Hospital is the collective creative endeavor of a team of doctors at every level of detail, in genuine pursuit of patients’ health and well-being.   Medical specialists have participated with the hospital’s administrators, designers and construction teams at every level, from site design, environmental considerations and equipment procurement to design of patient care processes that seek excellence in treatment quality and safety in pursuit of value-based care, top patient experience and the highest level of health service quality.

MedPark Hospital is located at the heart of the new business district of Rama IV Road. It occupies a dedicated 25 story building of 90,000 square meters.  The hospital partnered with specialists from more than 30 fields of medicine.  At full operation, the hospital can service outpatients in 300 examination rooms and provide beds for 550 inpatients, including 130 intensive care beds. The comprehensive complement of advanced medical equipment includes PET-CT, MRI3 Tesla, SPECT-CT, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy (LINAC machine) and a Hybrid Operating Theater.

CheckUp Packages

  • Weight Loss Pens 7,900 THB
  • Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) Package 299,000 THB
  • PVP GreenLight Laser surgery 240,000 THB
  • Diabetes Mellitus Endocrine Package 3,500 - 7,000 THB
  • Post COVID-19 Health Check-Up for Children Programs 3,300 THB
  • Post COVID-19 Respiratory Rehabilitation 11,500 - 19,900 THB
  • Home Care for Children with COVID-19 Package 14,500 THB
  • Post COVID Health Check-up Programs 4,700 THB
  • Hearing Screening (Audiogram) 1,580 THB
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Package 4,500 THB
  • Fit Heart for Athletes Package 18,500 THB
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 210,000 THB

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Owing to my heart pacemaker implant case, if I got a chance to refer anyone, without blinking my eyes I would refer to Vejthani Hospital. I am very grateful.

Bhagwan Ratna Tuladhar Kathmandu, Nepal

    Medpark Hospital

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    Popular Procedures

    Coronary Angiography : $4,200
    Heart Bypass : $15,000
    Hip Replacement : $17,000
    Gastric Bypass : $16,800
    Hysterectomy : $3,700
    Dental Implant : $1,700
    Breast Augmentation : $3,500

    MedEx connects you with world-class health care providers across borders, makes medical travel simple, low-cost and transparent and offers premium primary care.