B. Care Medical Center

Building, with determination to make medical treatment more widely accessible to patients. At that time, there were not enough hospitals in the area. With more than 50 years of experience, the founders of the hospital have a very clear understanding of the relationship between doctors and patients, as well as the desires, expectations and faith of patients. Therefore, we have assembled like-minded doctors and established B.Care Medical Center Hospital to effectively respond to the public’s medical needs.

Although during that time Thailand was facing economic crisis, the founders worked hard together to overcome countless obstacles until the construction was completed and the hospital was officially opened on 16 September 1999 on 8,000 m2 of land on Phahoyothin Road. The hospital was honored to have Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana preside at the opening ceremony.

In the beginning, the hospital building, Somsaran Building, was a 5 storey single building with a 100 bed capacity. The building was designed its interior and exterior based on medical and psychological research on patients and medical centers, focusing on facilitation and maximum benefit for its patients. The founders attentively observed the construction process from the first pile to the completion of the building. The hospital has a cozy home-like atmosphere where patients can feel relaxed and comfortable. With physical and mental dedication of the founders, B.Care Medical Center was well received by the public, and with its immediate great success, the hospital expanded business continuously with rapidly increasing numbers of patients and professional medical personnel, leading to the construction of the 2nd building, Panpiti Building, a 6 storey building with a 50 bed capacity. The building was completed in 2007.

Today, B.Care Medical Center contains a 150 bed capacity for inpatients, with examination rooms that can serve 2,000 outpatients per day and a 24 hours one-stop health center and specialized clinic. B.Care Medical Center employs the latest high-quality medical instruments and professional medical personnel for all specialities.


Learning Hospital for Sustainable Development


Aiming to be a private tertiary hospital In the main branch and some secondary branches, the size of 180 beds has been assured that it is a hospital with good governance, has been trusted in medical treatment standards and service quality. both from domestic and neighboring countries within the year 2022


Work professionally with good governance Professionalism accompanied by good governanc.

CheckUp Packages

  • Wellness Checkup 2022 program 2,565 THB
  • Maternity leave program 37,900 - 49,900 THB
  • Pain reduction package with Laser/ Shock wave machine 3,500 - 6,000 THB
  • Promotion: Influenza Vaccine & Pneumococcal Vaccine 950 - 2,990 THB
  • Health check program After being infected with COVID-19 (Long Covid-19 Program) 1,990 - 2,599 THB
  • Pre-juvenation treatment program 27,000 - 52,000 THB
  • Package to break down clogged milk ducts 1,800 - 990 HB
  • Pediatric Endocrine Disease Screening Program 3,390 - 4,900 THB
  • Covid-19 Immunity Test Package 1,350 THB
  • 6 cancer screening programs for women 1,600 - 5,200 THB
  • Pain Relief Package Office Syndrome 2,400 - 3,500 THB

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Our Patient Says

Owing to my heart pacemaker implant case, if I got a chance to refer anyone, without blinking my eyes I would refer to Vejthani Hospital. I am very grateful.

Bhagwan Ratna Tuladhar Kathmandu, Nepal

    B. Care Medical Center

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    Popular Procedures

    Coronary Angiography : $4,200
    Heart Bypass : $15,000
    Hip Replacement : $17,000
    Gastric Bypass : $16,800
    Hysterectomy : $3,700
    Dental Implant : $1,700
    Breast Augmentation : $3,500

    MedEx connects you with world-class health care providers across borders, makes medical travel simple, low-cost and transparent and offers premium primary care.